inFLUX Photography | Yours Truly


The word Flux refers to being in a constant state of change. Such is our lives. From our child's first steps, til their high school graduation, from their first love til their 50th wedding anniversary and every milestone in between and beyond. Our lives are punctuated with moments that should be immortalized. Allow me to help you capture these memories through photography.

Having alw
ays been thrilled by the power of photography and having shot with film from a young age, I have been able to hone a hobby into a craft. Making the move to digital was an obvious choice as it has opened up an array of options in meeting your photo editing and processing needs. Through the support of my loving wife, my family and friends, I have been able to turn my dream of being a photographer into a reality.

The concept that a single image can captivate an audience is my motivation. I will work with you, until you are satisfied with your photographs and they
exceed your expectations.

-Steven MacDonald